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What about my Cat?


Proper introduction to Cats is an important part of a puppy's life. 

One of the traditional uses of a Griffon is as a vermin killer, and this includes control of feral cats.  To help the puppy to be more friendly and tolerant of the family cat, it is important that introductions begin early in life and are maintained in the new home.

We are happy to have calm, dog-friendly cats as they help to socialize and educate our Griffon puppies about how to behave around cats.


Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

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Our Griffon pups' first exposure to cats is at the milk bowl... Cats and Puppies alike enjoy drinking goats milk, and though some puppies are more interested in the Cat than in eating, they do all settle down to share a meal eventually.

We purposefully have calm cats that are always around, and thus whenever the pups are out in the yard, they may come into contact with our friendly cats. 

Once you bring your puppy home, you will need to continue to encourage your Griffon to be friendly and tolerant of cats.  We find that if the cat is flighty or not used to dogs, the apparent agitation and body language of the cat can encourage even a cat-friendly dog to chase.  Keep control of your Griffon on the first exposures to your cat, and be sure that the cat is not going to hiss, run or hurt the puppy with its claws.  With patience and control, Griffons can become good friends with your family cat.

Often an adult Griffon will be friendly to the family cats, but will not tolerate the neighbours' cats coming in the yard, chasing off unknown cats. 


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