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Are you interested in knowing how the Griffonpoint lines are related?


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We have been fortunate to have been entrusted 
with excellent quality foundation Griffons 
from the kennels of established hunting Griffon breeders. 

You can see how our Griffonpoint lines are evolving 
based on both mother lines and father lines




Dam Lines

Meg (Checkered Meg)

G1:  Twig, Purdy, Boss, Galahad, Jasper

G2: Sage, Grout, Icon

G3: Tapas

Thistle (Duckpond Roquebluft)


G1:  Karma, Blizzard, Freya, Valor, Dot

G2:  Reny, Icon,  

Bryn (Feu Follet Edge of Eden)


G1:  Gina, Beast, Bonny, ChiChi

G2:  Gwenevere, Woenne

Sire Lines

Georgie (Ch Tucker's Georgie CD CGC)


G1:  Twig, Galahad, Gina, Blizzard, Wiley

G2:  Karma, Icon, Grout, Sage, Gwenevere, 

G3:  Reny, Tapas, 

Princeton (Duckpond Princeton


G1:  Reny, Beast, Freya, Valor

G2:  Woenne, 

Acer (Acer V.'T Holtlaand)


G1:  Purdy, Boss, Grout, Hank, Bonny, Muse, Tapas

G2:  Ally,  Rex

Hunter (Goose Creeks Alexander)


G1:  Jasper

G2:  Sage

G3:  Tapas




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