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Visitors Welcome. Come and meet our wonderful Korthals Griffons. Since 1989, Our Griffons are selected for their temperament, conformation, hunting ability and genetic soundness. We also look for naturally co-operative and versatile dogs in the field and at home.

We only have Griffons - and only ever have had Griffons - Our Griffonpoint Griffons are pure inspiration.

Katy Stuehm (USA), is the driving force behind the newest generations of Griffonpoint Griffons. Katy has an extensive background with dogs and horses. And the past 10 years Katy has been partnered with Shannon with the focus on quality Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Katy has introduced her interest in using the newest science of bringing a Griffon along for hunting naturally, with no force whatsoever.

Shannon Ford (Canada), has been selecting, breeding and hunting with Griffons since the late 1980's. Shannon started Griffonpoint Kennel with the intention of offering the finest hunting dogs and family companions to people who are wanting a closer working, cooperative and talented dog who is fun to live with and affectionate.



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At Griffonpoint, we follow the Maxim: Form Follows Function.
If Korthals Griffons cease to be used and bred to hunt then the breed as we know it will change.

It is credited to the uncompromising breeders of the past century that the Korthals Griffon has come into this era with only a few genetic problems, and its quality and hunting instinct intact.

It is our Intent to see that the pure-bred Korthals Griffon continue true to the type and high quality set out by Korthals.

Genetics are one of the most important issues facing the Korthals Griffon today. Genetic Strength cannot be compromised on, and Griffonpoint clears our Griffons to be sure that they are not affected with a genetic disorder. Though this cannot find carriers of Genetic Problems, it does allow us to ensure that we have done everything we can to see that Griffonpoint Griffons are healthy and sound.

Temperament is of primary consideration. The Griffon's place in the modern world is as a companion 365 days per year, and a hunting companion during hunting season. A dog without a good temperament is a liability. Our Griffonpoint Griffons are not only our personal hunting companions, but they are also our family pets. We have an active family lifestyle, and our dogs are included in many aspects of it; from swimming in the river during the summer, to tobogganing in the winter.

Conformation and Coat is also a top priority, as every field dog needs to be structurally sound in order to be able to withstand the rigors of hunting. An exceptional field Griffon can certainly have the good qualities and type that are outlined in the Standard of Perfection for the breed.

Hunting Ability and co-operative , biddable natures. Most Griffons are a pleasure to train, and make effective personal hunting companions. The natural talents are there, your Griffon must simply be properly exposed and encouraged in order to begin hunting. We look for Griffons who are easiy trained and who have displayed intelligence and game drive while hunting them on foot over harsh terrian and for a variety of game. Our dogs are used for grouse, pheasant, Hungarian partridge, geese and ducks.

Griffonpoint Griffons - Rugged Canadian Hunters

Griffonpoint Korthals Griffons have been successful in hunting, conformation, obedience, agility, search and rescue, tracking and of course as family companions.

Griffonpoint is proud to offer a home to some truly great Griffons. All have demonstrated excellent natural ability and nose. These are our personal hunting companions, and also our family pets. Some have achievements in addition to being truly versatile and talented hunting partners.

Griffonpoint Foundation Pedigree:

We select the type of Griffons that exemplify the breed, high drive for game contact, with tremendous instinct and eagerness to please. We keep a puppy out of each litter to train, either to sell started, or to keep for our breeding program. Using this selective evaluation program we have been able to better focus on the hunting and trainability issues that are a concern with Griffons. By being consistant in our selections, our bloodlines have more predictable qualities. The traits we select for in our Griffons give us an easy to train hunting companion and loyal family pet. A great dog with Versatility, and Griffon Charm!

Our Foundation Pedigree consists of German and American Griffons, that were bred by Harrison Reimer of Kalispell, Montana. At the time that Mr. Reimer was breeding Griffons, there were very few available in North America. Many imports were brought to the USA from overseas, especially from Germany and France.

We chose to begin our Breeding Program with Griffons from Mr. Reimer's bloodlines as his Griffons were known for their versatility and determination in the fields of Montana and Idaho, country and climate that is very similar to our Alberta hunting lands. You will find Reimer bloodlines in the pedigrees of many of the Hunting Griffons of today.

We have imported Griffons from renowned Working Griffon Breeders. Our most recent import is from Holland, the home of Eduard Korthals.

The future of Griffonpoint: In these recent years, Katy Stuehm of California, USA has become more and more involved with making selections and breeding decisions. Katy has also been instrumental in developing methods for bringing young Griffons along for hunting in such a way that the pack instinct, deference to leadership and cooperation is enhanced with no obedience training or force required whatsoever.

All the time that we are on this exciting journey, we do not loose sight of our goals. To produce a versatile hunting companion of sound mind and body. An affectionate companion in the home, and a talented and biddable worker in the field. And, to offer support and information on the Griffon to all who are interested.





Thank you for visiting.

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Griffonpoint Kennel

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