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Links And Resources

Presented by Griffonpoint Kennel, a wealth of information is on the internet, sometimes it is hard to find when you want it.

Here is a collection my favourite Griffon, hunting and training sites on the Internet.






Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon Books

    Castaing, Jean - Le Griffon D'Arret a Poil Dur Korthals, Crepin-Lebond et Cei Editeurs. (French Book on the Korthals Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon)

    F.W. Dirker, 100 Jaar Korthals-Griffon   1988-1998 en de jaren daarna   (Dutch book on the Korthals Griffon)

    Club Français Du Griffon d'Arrêt à Poil Dur Korthals, Livre De L'Éleveur Griffonnier; (French book available from the French Club)

    Jaques Carpentier, Le Griffon D'Arret De Korthals

    Philippe Aspeele - These Contribution a L'etude Du Griffon D'arret a Poil Dur Korthals (Aptitudes - Mensurations), Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Lyon. (1981 French Thesis on the Korthals Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon)

    Pierre, Henri Paillassou - These Le Griffon D'Arret A Poil Dur Korthals: Contribution a L'etude De Ses Aptitudes Cynegetiques, Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Toulouse. (1988 French Thesis on the Korthals Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon)

    André Harmand, Les Griffons et le Korthals, éditions deVecchi

    Shannon Ford - Griffonpoint's Puppy Primer, Raising your Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Puppy , Published by Shannon Ford 1997.



Training Books - For your convenience - Visit the Griffonpoint A-Store

Sigbot Winterhelt and Edward D. Bailey - The Training and Care of the Versatile Hunting Dog, NAVHDA, 1973.

Bill Tarrant - Gun Dog Training, New Strategies from Today's Top Trainers, Voyager Press, 1996.

Bill Tarrant - The Best way to Train your Dog, The Delmar Smith Method.

Bill Tarrant - Tarrant Trains Gundogs - Humane way to get top results

Bob Wehle - Wing and Shot

Jerome Robinson - Hunt Close - a realistic guide to training close working gun dogs for today's tight cover conditions.

Nicky Bissell - Pointing Dog Training, Especially the Continental Breeds(48 pages) Published by Jim and Kathy Corbett phone 503-649-2712.

James B. Spencer - Point! Training the All-Seasons Birddog, Howell Book, 1995.

Joan Bailey - How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves, Swan Valley Press, 1992.

P. Larry Rogers - "Puppy Psychology von der Versatile Viewpoint" is primarily about the DD's first year, and "Preparing A Utility Dog" deals with the later years and VGP


National Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Clubs .

BelgiumRoyal Griffon Club Belge

Canada Club shut down

Canada (Quebec) Association Quebeciose du Griffon a Poil Dur Korthals

France Club Français du Griffon d’arret a poil dur Korthals

Germany Griffon Club e.V.

Holland Nederlandse Korthals Griffon Club

Italy Club Italien du Griffon Korthals

United Kingdom Korthals Griffon - UK

United States of America American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association (founded 1989)






Wirehaired Pointing Griffon E-Mail Lists

Griffons List: A non-profit, non-commercial venue provided for discussion of the Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon.

Griffon Owners, hunters, breeders and exhibitors are welcome. This forum is appropriate for Griffon fanciers, new and old. Topics that have anything to do with Griffons may be discussed here, such as hunting, conformation, temperament, obedience, training tips, agility, health issues, brags, friendly chat, etc.

View the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Discussion Page



Links and Online Resources

More Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Websites

Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Page: for concise information and links

Kennel Van' T Holtlaand
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Page
Our Friends, Dutch Griffon breeders and Trainers Erick and Anneke Van Der Schouw offer information on the Griffon in Holland, provided us with one of our foundation dogs "Acer V.T Holtlaand".

NewTown Sporting Dogs
Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Page: In California, Katie Stuehm comes recommended, she has an stellar reputation for her field performance breeding program (Griffonpoint foundation)

Thorn Creek Sporting Dogs,
Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Page: In Utah, Duffy McCabe is another recommended breeder, he is producing quality hunting Griffs and has an adventure camp for dogs, (Griffonpoint foundation)

Owyhee Sporting Dogs,
Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Page: Idaho, for well bred and raised Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

Elevage Feu Follet,
Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Page: Quebec, Serge provided us with one of our Foundation Bitches "Feu Follet Edge of Eden", he has excellent Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

Celtic Griffon Korthals Grouse Dogs,
Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Page: In Quebec, check out the videos!

Wayfarer Kennel,
Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Page: In Montana, wonderful Griffons, no webpage, but here is their contact info for excellent Griffons

Dale Bruni's
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Page:
  Meet our friend Dale and catch the news on the latest on the famous Upland Griffons.

Julie and Dave Carlstrom's
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Page:  Meet Dale and Julie, and learn more about the Dejac Griffons in Wisconsin.

Alibi Kennels
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Page
Pat Loomis' Griffons Rock the Agility World, showing that they really can do it all!

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Page
Extensive site for Griffon information

Wet Acres
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Page Meet the Wet Acres Griffons to see how versatile Griffons can be - Field and Show

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Page
Resident Griffons Nick and Kelly welcome you!

NorthLake Kennels
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Page - home of AM/CDN CH. Jacque Von Herrenhausen NAVHDA NAT Prize I, and  CH. Wet Acres Divine Miss M NAVHDA NAT Prize II

Asbed Iskedjian's
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Page: A great resource, and he has a flash presentation at  http://celtick.com

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Page: for AKC's top conformation Griffon Listings

Canadian Kennel Club

American Kennel Club

UK Kennel Club


Online Resources - Training

NAVHDA Homepage

Bird Dog News Page

Versatile Dogs Web Page

Gundogs Online

Gundog Mag Training

Game and Fish - Dog Training

The Monks of New Skete Homepage

Online Resources - More Hunting Breeds

Willowrose Labrador Retrievers

Brunen's Brittanys

Pudelpointer Club of North America

Deutsch-Drahthaar Central

Spinone Italiano

German Wirehair Pointer Club of America

Information on the Cesky Fousek

Online Resources - Behavior

Volhard Temperament Test

Rospigans Hund Pages on Canine Mentality

Online Resources - Genetics

Council of Docked Breeds

Control of Genetic Disease

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

OFA Information

Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals

Canine Diversity Project

Online Resources - Information and Newsgroups

Deja News rec.hunting.dogs





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