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Why are we against Microchips?



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Griffonpoint Kennel Stands Against Microchipping

Microchipping is for human convenience alone. Identification through Tattoos is better for the animal, and can result in recovery if the animal is lost. 

Before you Microchip your Griffon, evaluate the risks. Years ago, we implanted Microchips into every puppy, believing that we were doing the right thing for the pups and for their owners.

However, 12% of the microchips migrated,sometimes a couple of inches, sometimes right down into the elbow... and sometimes to the point that they could not be found, and the dog was implanted with a second microchip.

5% of the microchips caused the Griffon's body to produce fibrous tissue, some of the lumps were visible just by looking at the dog.

In those microchipped dogs, we had 4 cases of early cancer. As we did not think (at the time) that the cancer may have been caused by implanting a microchip, we did not investigate, and now will never know if the microchips caused cancer...

There is plenty of scientific data showing problems with microchips.








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