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What is PennHip?


PennHip is an alternative to OFA

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

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Here Muse and Bonny go to the Vet for their PennHip evaluations.




Muse and Bonny's PennHIP  Appointment   

We are at the Airdrie Animal Clinic
Where Dr. Neil Embleton will take the PennHIP X-Rays.  PennHIP is a relatively new method of hip evaluation.  PennHIP  evaluates hips in a different manner than OFA (the most common evaluation method used in North America  is with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals).  PennHIP costs more money than an OFA, but dogs can be evaluated at a younger age.

Penn Hip Information can be viewed at

As of November, 2001, 
there have been 56 Griffons evaluated with PennHip, and the Median Distraction Index for the breed is .41 



OFA and PennHIP View
Below:  Muse has an "OFA" View taken of her hips,
The dog's legs are extended and parallel



PennHIP Views
Below:  The Compression and Distraction Views 
The dog's hips are compressed into the sockets in one view
And in the other view the hips are pulled away from the sockets

The two measurements are calculated to provide the Distraction Index



PennHIP provides a written evaluation which includes  

  • the total number of Griffons rated, and the median DI for the breed

  • the individual dog's name, identification, registration, weight, age

  • the dog's Distraction Index for each hip

  • an assessment of any Degenerative Joint Disease

  • an assessment of any Cavitation

  • note of any other findings

  • a Laxity Profile Rating  (Percentile)






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