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A Morning with Logan - A Griffon Puppy


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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

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loganoutsidebacklit.jpg (67824 bytes)

First a morning Outing

logantoybox.jpg (31513 bytes)

After breakfast I empty my toybox

logancerealbox.jpg (35746 bytes)

Wow! ... Someone left a cereal box for me!

loganlariet.jpg (41730 bytes)

I Practice with
my Lariat

loganpinktoy.jpg (20469 bytes)

And Defend my family from the Terrible Pink Bunny

loganfillpool.jpg (42336 bytes)

My Dad fills my Swimming Pool

loganfoodwater.jpg (53838 bytes)

I dunk for puppy kibble

loganicewater.jpg (29562 bytes)

And catch floating Ice Cubes

loganbrucebubbles.jpg (33994 bytes)

When my Dad blows bubbles

loganchasebubble.jpg (25339 bytes)

I chase them and Catch Them!
I would retrieve them, but they vanish.

logansprinkler.jpg (61954 bytes)

Then I slurp up a quick drink from the Sprinkler

logandry.jpg (30592 bytes)

and need to be dried off with a towel

logannopose.jpg (47038 bytes)

I am so cute!
Mom puts me on a chair for pictures... nope

loganposesit.jpg (46450 bytes)

I'll pose beside the chair!

loganpose.jpg (43902 bytes)

And even beside the flowers!

loganball.jpg (42516 bytes)

I like chasing my ball around, food comes out of it when I move it with my nose!

loganballoon.jpg (40063 bytes)

Inside now to play with my new  balloon

loganread.jpg (33551 bytes)

I settle down to read with my Dad before my naptime

logansleep.jpg (61324 bytes)

Then it is off to sleep and to dream puppy dreams
till this afternoon,  when we go for a walk in the country!

loganface.jpg (52067 bytes)

Thanks Mom for taking the pictures!



  All Above Photographs are copyright 1999 Helen Roman Smith






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