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Why get a Griffonpoint Puppy?


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Why a Griffonpoint Puppy?

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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

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With so many breeders to choose from, why get your next family companion and hunting partner from Griffonpoint?

Since 1989, we have been selecting purebred Wire-Haired Pointing Griffons for sound temperament, correct structure, hunting ability and genetic health.

Our Griffons have gone around the world and have hunted everything from squirrel to bear.

The 1990's was a period of dramatic growth period and bloodline development for our kennel. During this time we selected the very best animals from each litter, proving them in the field over miles of rugged mountain and wide open prairie hunting. And, in the house, by the fire and hanging out in the kitchen.

It is here that our current Griffon breeding stock has come from.

  • Reservations recommended.
  • Interview/Application required.
  • Breeding rights are not available.

Since we are one of North America's Premier Hunting Griffon Breeders for years, We maintain our intermeshed breeding/training program, focused on the hunting Griffon for the on foot hunter.

Our puppies are Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, on a Non-Breeding Agreement. The CKC registration is recognised by Purebred Canine Registries, worldwide. We fully guarantee our puppies, and provide a written agreement and guarantee for genetic health. This includes a guarantee for OFA Normal Hips and for Normal Eyes.

We will take back a Griffon that has been bred by us, at anytime during the life of your dog. We do not charge for re-homing Griffons born here.

Visitors Welcome, References Available.



Why get a Griffonpoint Puppy?

Are you looking for a hunting dog? As we select for traits that influence hunting ability, our hunting prospect pups are placed with hunters who offer excellent homes. Our non-hunting pups are placed in homes who are looking for an intelligent, fun companion dog.  If we do not have a puppy that will suit you, we will be happy to refer you to a responsible breeder.

Whether you are looking for a hunting companion, obedience partner, agility dog, or an active and interesting family pet, you may find that one of our Griffonpoint puppies will suit you. The Griffon is truly a versatile breed, and trained with positive methods, can accomplish almost anything.

We encourage prospective Griffon owners to carefully research the breed, and try to meet a Griffon. In addition, we ask that you complete an Application to Purchase. Griffons are not for everybody, and it is easier for us to screen and educate potential Griff owners than to rescue a Griffon that did not work out.

Selection of your Griffon Puppy:

Whatever breed you are looking for, selection of your breeder is very important. Interview several breeders and look for a breeder who owns and breeds the kind of dog that you want to own. Find a breeder who hunts with their Griffons for the same kinds of game that you want to hunt. Look for a breeder who clears their breeding dogs with Health Clearances. Addionally, look for a breeder who has the time and experience to properly socialize and raise the litter.

At Griffonpoint, puppy care starts with the selection and proper care of the parents. The parents of your puppy are our personal hunting companions, have been easy to train, have health clearances, including eye examinations, hip (and now elbow) OFA's and sometimes other genetic tests such as thyroid and ERG.

Griffonpoint puppies have their tails docked and their dewclaws removed. They have a thorough veterinary health check when our Veterinarian gives them their first vaccinations. A health certificate is issued at this time. If your puppy is to be shipped, he will have a second health Check a few days before the flight, at this time our Veterinarian will issue an International Health Certificate and Certificate of Acclamation, which are required for international flights.

Griffonpoint offers:

  • Ongoing support and advice is always available from Griffonpoint Kennel. I am constantly enrolled in training programs (field work, obedience, agility, conformation, nutrition, genetics), and am willing to share new concepts and techniques that we have found effective for our Griffons.
    Our Selection process for Quality Breeding Griffons to fit into our Breeding/TrainingPrograms. Our Purebred, CKC Registered Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppies are selectively bred and guaranteed for genetic health, with refund or replacement. Griffonpoint Puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks of age, to further assist in choosing the right puppy for you. Notes on temperament are kept consistently before and after that, and are available to prospective owners.
  • Griffonpoint puppies are raised underfoot, and go into their new homes with some basic conditioning, the urge to please and the knowledge of how to do it. Traditional and modern methods of raising puppies are used here. Training is started for you when your puppy is just6 weeks old. Early conditioning accomplished at this age is deeply ingrained. We are constantly improving the way our puppies are raised. By the time our pups are 10 weeks old, they are responding to basic obedience commands. The earlier the pup learns how to please, the better. Why wait until the pup gets older to start developing his mind?
  • Early exposure is not limited to the house, kennel and field. We take the pups for rides in the car and truck. They are taken into the field with their mother, and weather permitting, into the river or pond that is on our farm. They meet and play with the resident extended family of Griffons. Additionally, pups are introduced to birds and to our cats and horses.
  • Each Griffonpoint puppy owner is given a  "Griffonpoint Puppy Primer"which includes information about the Griffon, and techniques that we have found very effective for raising and training our Griffon pups. Also provided is a list of recommended books and videos,


New owners are invited to keep in touch, and send photos, stories for our photo albums. We request that at two years of age a questionnaire is completed and returned to us. This enables us to keep an accurate account of how our breeding program is going.

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