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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

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The best evaluations I get are from you, you are living with and hunting with your dogs... just like any breeder, I am prone to Kennel Blindness and need to have other eyes looking at the dogs I breed, evaluating them and telling me what they see ... and like any breeder, I produce some poor and average dogs too. Getting feedback gives me a better grasp on what is happening within a bloodline...



We would like to thank our references for sharing in our vision and our quest to develop a bloodline of exceptional working Griffons for the on-foot hunter:  Talented and Effective Hunting Companions
that are at home in the field
and water, through all terrain, all conditions: Dogs that are eager to please, affectionate, friendly companions and valued family members.

We thank Griffonpoint Owners for sending their comments
and for their time and dedication to bringing
out the natural talents and abilities of their Griffonpoint Griffon.

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Griffonpoint Feedback Files

I just got my pictures printed this one is Jade at 16 weeks with her first bird (a sharptail ) during training when we got home from hunting. She is fantastic!
I hope this transmits to you.
Love from us.


It's late and I'm tired, but wanted to drop you a line on Harley's first hunt today (and the first time I ever handled a pointing dog). We went out this morning in sub-freezing temperature and hunted for three hours; when the sun came up the temperature climbed to 59 degrees F. Harley hunted his heart out, there's no quit in him. In three hours of constant hunting (with one 10 minute break) he over-ran only one bird. His points are rock solid, no creep, no need to say "Whoa". He is somewhat reluctant to fetch the birds to hand, but is doing about 75%. When he fails to retrieve all the way, I put a short rope on him, throw the dead bird out and command him to fetch it up. Knowing he has no choice, he does. I hope this is the right way to reinforce him.



Hi Shannon, after working 2 mths straight with very few breaks I had an opportunity to go hunting with Jake. He performed very well cosidering that the pheasants were sitting very tight and he was basically pointing at our feet.
We clued in very quickly to what Jake was trying to tell us and we got two apiece in about an hour of hunting!
Sorry I couldn't stop by as I didn't have much time and we were near Medicine Hat.

Berget made it into Ottawa just fine and was the hit of the cargo area once again. Everyone has fallen in love with her - even my "boys" (three cousins all under the age of ten) who are tentative around dogs. She's had a busy day what with flying, meeting new people and even making it out to the park and playing with some other dogs. What a cutie - I just can't believe anyone would think she wasn't the cutest thing on this earth!!!! Thank you so much for such a great pup - she is so sweet and well behaved - what a treasure!

I will keep you posted as she settles in and once we get her across the border and into her new home.        Many Many Thanks!   Cassey



Here are some pictures of Anndie this past hunting season.

The picture with pheasant is in South Dakota. We took limits of pheas on two days and two prairie chickens and two sharptail grouse over his points.

The duck picture I told you about. It's a scan and not the greatest picture. This was Anndie's first official duck hunt. We shot 18 ducks and he retrieved 17. One duck fell across the lake and another dog in a blind across the lake got to the duck first because of the shorter swim. 17 retrieves is pretty good.

The picture with quail is in Kansas. I shot limits of quail on four different days. 40 quail over his points. Now I call that hunting.

I also included a couple of pictures of Anndie in profile. He really looks like a griff.

We had several other hunts that were just as successful but I forgot to take pictures.

Hope this finds you well. I think we will wait and breed Anndie as you suggested.

Roy, Sharon and Anndie (gundog extraordinare)


It has been a long time since we spoke last.  Maximus is doing great, he is an amazing dog.  He is a major part of our family.  We take him boating, he loves our children, and he is a awesome hunting companion.  We have been training on a regular basis and are looking forward to fall.  I am taking him on a hunt in October to North Dakota.  Then possibly Montana later in the month.  He has been a lot of fun to train.

    Becky and I possibly would like a second Griffon.  I really liked Jasper.  I think our next puppy we add to the family I would like his type of look.  Also a mellow natured non alpha dog like Max.  Keep us in mind with upcoming litters.  Max will be two in February and I think that is a good time to possibly discuss another dog.


Jane is the most incredible dog I have ever known.  She has so much spunk and personality.  Our last two Golden's (God love them) seem like cats compared to this dog.  Brenda and I have never been in better shape.  Jane loves (demands) her 5 km run in the morning with my wife.  Whenever I get my mountain bike out she know we are going riding.  She has about 8 really good dog friends, but she has definitely fallen in love with a 2 yr old giant Golden Retriever named Burton.  They are bike riding pals.  Jane and my 8 (9 tomorrow) yr old daughter have a relationship that is just wonderful to watch.  They are definitely best of friends.  Too many stories to mention.  Jane loves to retrieve and swim.  She is just about 10 months old.  She seems to be pointing more.    She is also starting to stay closer when we push bush for birds. Loves to point at butterflies and then hunt them down.  She is becoming more obedient all the time.  Jane gets the run of the house.  If we go out for a while it is no problem.  She is very secure.  I know you would be very proud of her.  Next spring or the spring after we would definitely like to get male so Jane could have a playmate, but she is still such a puppy.  Here are a couple of pictures.  Her coat definitely is coming in more harsh all the time. I bet that even you haven't seen such a beautiful Griffon!  All the best to you Shannon.  Take care.................. Guy

Griffonpoint  (Angus 

Angus is a wonderful dog! Lots of personality and smart! Tries his heart out  to do want you ask of him. Most of all he is very, very handsome and is his daddy's boy. I'm afraid in this off-season he should have been worked on birds a little more but there is no shortness of hunting drive that's for sure. He 14 months old and weighs about 53 pounds, he's was down a little as it has been super hot here and he doesn't seem to eat when it's like that but were trying to push the feed and he's gaining a little. Incredible stamina though and incredibly eager to please us. 


Teala still gets along fabulously with our large rabbit - the rabbit is very tolerant of Teala's licking!  Teala still enjoys her runs in the off lease park and I always received complements on her behavior with other dogs and people.  She is so well behaved.  Our local vet just thinks she is terrific and Teala is in the best of health.

2 years ago we opened our home to a 11 yr. old Chesapeake Bay retriever who was at the SPCA for 4months desperately looking for a loving retirement home ( and lost 20lbs in the process).  They hit it off right off the bat when they met at the Society and we decided to bring Duchess home. The "girls" get along really well.Duchess is also tolerant of Teala's licking!  They are good company for eachother and enjoy their walks/runs together.  They are each respectful of their food dishes and you would probably like to hear that Teala does not find it necessary to hide her food in the laundry basket!
We are just so in love with our dog Teala!
Thank you!



Griffonpoint  (Calvin above)
Griffonpoint Jupiter X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
Hunting Partner and Family Companion 
of Mr. J.I.    

In the field he has really come into his own. I really don't think his size is much of an issue with me. He has filled out to about fifty pounds but shows tremendous eagerness to please. I am having him sent to Badgerland Kennels in August. Badgerland deals exclusively with bird dogs and has even recently worked with griffons.

I wish I had the time to train Calvin myself but the task seems monumental with working full time.  In closing, I just wanted to thank you for recommending such a perfect match in Calvin for us. We are trying to stay cool and are awaiting the fall hunting season.

Griffonpoint I U 
Acer V.'T Holtlaand X Ch Prancing Acrobat
Hunting Partner and Family Companion 
of Mr. & Mrs. F.B. of Indiana  

As Toni told you, I am very pleased with the field performance of Casey
(that's how we've abbreviated Charisma for a field name!).  We have shot
around 40 quail over her now, and she has found about 60-70.  We only shoot
the ones she solidly points.  Every time we go, someone at the hunting
preserve looks at her and asks me if I have lost my mind shooting over a
little puppy like that.  Maybe I have, but with each repetition I can see
big improvements in her.  She is definitely starting to "get it", and I can
see no reason to not shoot over her.   The owner of
the preserve is a professional trainer of setters and pointers, and he was
very skeptical until he went along with us for half an hour one day.
Luckily, Casey was settled down nicely and did some things that I have seen
well-trained, mature dogs not be able to do.  Now, this guy tells other
people about her!  As I see it right now, time and birds are the keys to
taking the obviously good genetics and making them into a superb bird dog.
Using Casey as a yardstick (sorry, meterstick!) whatever you are doing in
your breeding is working.  I would have been just as skeptical as most of
the people have been prior to seeing Casey work.  It is hard to imagine a
3-4 month old pup pointing, steady to wing and shot (well, mostly),
retrieving (still shaky), and tracking cripples (she does this extremely
well). Keep up the good work.  Look for some pictures in the mail soon.

Griffonpoint Raw Isen Sienna 
Duckpond Princeton X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
hunting companion of Mr. Ken Arndt of Maine

Have we been hunting!! Since the beginning of our grouse season on October
1st, Sienna and I have been out there nearly every day, except Sundays which
are closed here in Maine. It took me three days to find her some birds, but
when she got a nose full of them, she did her thing well! So far, we've
taken about 8 grouse over her and she has shown us many more. Typically,
Sienna finds about 15-20 grouse from 8:00 am. to 1:00 p.m. I stop my hunts
then, as we've had enough shooting! For a pup of 8 months, she is really a
good bird dog like none other that I have had! On top of it all, she is so biddable,
hunts perfectly close within gun range and is simply a joy to be with
afield. You are to be congratulated!!! Oh! I forgot to mention that she is
great in the house and loves all children & adults alike. I am thrilled to be her owner and hope that I can continue to develop her talents to a greater degree. I'll send you a

photo of her first brace of ruffed grouse, when I get them developed!

Griffonpoint Just So (registered name pending)
Duckpond Princeton X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
companion of Mr. and Mrs. W.N.  (Oklahoma)

I am very impressed with his independence and aggressiveness in the field at such an early age. Been taking him on short daily romps in the fields and woods near our house; I prefer to take him alone and just let him explore on his own. I did take the other dogs on one occasion but I think he gets more benefit if he is by himself. I did notice when he was with the other dogs he seems to have a natural tendency to back which is great.....don't think I'll have to worry about getting his enthusiasm up about birds.


Griffonpoint Joyous Regent (registered name pending)
Duckpond Princeton X Griffonpoints Great Karma
future hunting partner of Mr. C.A. (British Columbia)

He sure likes to point, he points all of his toys then
after 5 to 10 sec he pounces on it.Fun to watch.

Griffonpoint Andie Hunts Quail
Ch Griffonpoint Defies Gravity X Ch Prancing Acrobat
hunting partner and family companion of Mr. and Mrs. R.W. (Colorado)

When we take him to the field he really gets wound up.  Not uncontrollable, but works very hard  hunting. Currently Anndie is working about 60 to 80 yards in front of me and once in a while he cuts back behind me. When he crosses in back of me I'm sure he's double checking the area he's covered in case he missed a bird.

Griffonpoint High On Liveoaks
Ch. Griffonpoint Defies Gravity CD X Feu Follet Edge of Eden

(Advanced Puppy)
companion of Mr. and Mrs. P.W. (Louisiana)

Long time I know between E-mails. Leah is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!
She is a better Retriever than most of the really fantastic field trial
Goldens. Thanks you for sharing one of your great dogs with my family. I hope
that I will have time in the Spring ans Summer to allow her to compete in the
Hunter-Retriever Trials. The Labs, Springers, and Goldens don't stand a chance
if she is there.

Griffonpoint Hunts Own Grifter
Ch. Griffonpoint Defies Gravity CD X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
(Started Puppy)
partner and family companion of Mr. and Mrs. D.K. (Georgia)

We have had two great quail hunts, and yes they have been wild.  I worked her
with raised birds first, then took her on a horse back wild hunt with other
dogs.  She has done great.  Her retrieve to hand has not been there, but I
think that it is the new bird, conditions etc...  She is already learning to
back another dog, and on the wild hunt the people were very impressed that she
was only 7 months old.  I took some photos of her pointing and will send you
some via mail.

7 months later'

What a great Dog!  Grifter is truly a part of our family
after her first year in Georgia.  My wife spoils her rotten, my one year old
daughter lays on top of her as if she is a stuffed toy and Grifter never
gets upset.  Graham, my son and her are best buddies, and she respects and
hunts hard for me.

Graham and I took her on her first Dove hunt this past
month, and I did not expect much from her after a long summer.  She
surprised us all by marking and retrieving the first two dove I shot.  She
broke early, but after putting a lead on her for a few more birds she stayed
at my side until released.  We picked up 27 birds that day, and she was
tired but happy at the close of the hunt.  It is still rather hot here in

She also found two crippled birds in heavy brush and
retrieved them to hand!


Griffonpoint H O
Ch. Griffonpoint Defies Gravity CD X Feu Follet Edge of Eden
companion of Mr. and Mrs. R.V.  (Nebraska)

Cyrano was staunchly pointing and happily retrieving to hand at 5 months,
the only problem is that there are simply not enough birds around for him.







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