Puppy Name  ___________ Sex ________  Date _________ Age  __________
 Griffonpoint Litter  ____________________










Place puppy in test area.  From a few feet away the tester coaxes the pup to her/him by clapping hands gently and kneeling down.  Tester must coax in a direction away from the point where it entered the testing area.


Degree of social attraction, confidence or independence



1 - Came readily, tail up, jumped, bit at hands

2 - Came readily, tail up, pawed, licked at hands

3 - Came readily, tail up

4 - Came readily, tail down

5 - Came hesitantly, tail down

6 - Didn't come at all



Crouch beside pup and attract attention with crumpled up paper ball.  When the pup shows interest and is watching, toss the object 4-6 feet in front of the pup

Degree of willingness to work with a human. High correlation between ability to retrieve and successful guide dogs, obedience dogs, field trial dogs


1 - Chases object, picks up object and runs away

2 - Chases object, stands over object, does not return

3 - Chases object and returns with object to tester

4 - Chases object and returns without object to tester

5 - Starts to chase object, looses interest

6 - Does not chase object







Stand up and walk away from the pup in a normal manner, Make sure the pup sees you walk away


Degree of following attraction, Not following indicates independence



1 -  Followed readily, tail up, got underfoot, bit at feet

2 - Followed readily, tail up, got underfoot

3 - Followed readily, tail up

4 - Followed readily, tail down

5 - Followed hesitantly, tail down

6 - No Follow or went away



Take puppy's webbing of one front foot and press between finger and thumb lightly then more firmly till you get a response. While you count slowly to 10. Stop when pup shows discomfort



Degree of sensitivity to touch


Count to 

1. 8-10 counts before response

2. 6-7 counts before response

3. 5-6 counts before response

4. 2-4 counts before response

5. 1-2 counts before response








Crouch down and gently roll the pup on his back and hold it with one hand for a full 30 seconds

Degree of dominence or submissive tendency. How it accepts stress when socially/physically dominated



1 - Struggled fiercely, flailed, bit

2 - Struggled fiercely, flailed

3 - Settled, struggled, settled with some eye contact

4 - Struggled then settled

5 - No struggle

6 - No struggle, straining to avoid eye contact





Place pup in the center or area. Testor or assistant makes a sharp noise a few feet from the puppy.



Degree of sensitivity to sound


Ran to investigate sound

1 - Listens, locates sound, walks toward it barking

2 - Listens, locates sound, barks

3 - Listens, locates sound, shows curiosity and walks toward sound

4 - Listens locates the sound

5 - Cringes, backs off, hides

6 - Ignores sound, shows no curiosity



Let pup stand up and gently stroke him from the head to back while you crouch beside him.  Continue stroking until a recognizable behaviour is established

Degree of acceptance of social dominance.  Pup may try to dominate by jumping or nipping or is independent and walks away



1 - Jumped, pawed, bit growled

2 - Jumped, pawed

3 - Cuddles up to testor and tries to lick face

4 - Squirmed, licked at hands

5 - Rolled over, licked at hands

6 - Went away and stayed away




Place pup in center of room.  Drag a large towel a few feet in front of pup.

Degree of intelligent response to strange object



1 - Looks, attacks and bites

2 - Looks, barks, tail up

3 - Looks curiously and  investigates

4 - Looks barks, tail tucked

5 - Runs away, hides

6 - Ignores, shows no interest



Bend over and cradle the pup under the belly, fingers interlaced, palms up and elevate it just off the ground. Hold it there for 30 seconds


Degree of accepting dominance while in position of no control


1 - Struggled fiercely, bit, growled

2 - Struggled fiercely,

3 - No struggle, relaxed

4 - Struggled, settled, licked

5 - No struggle, licked at hands

6 - No struggle, froze









Place pup in the center or area. Tester or assistant makes a taps a closed umbrella on the ground and opens it when the pup looks


Degree of intelligent response to strange object



1 - Looks, attacks, bites

2 - Looks, barks, tail up

3 - Looks curiously,  investigates

4 - Looks, does not go forward

5 - Runs away, hides

6 - Ignores, shows no interest



Structure:                                                                                   Energy Level:

Front                                                                                                     High

Rear                                                                                                    Medium

Layback                                                                                               Low


Topline ______________ Croup ____________ Tailset ___________

Foot Shape - Front ________Rear _______ toenail colour _________

Head_______ Eye ______ Pigment ______ Mouth __________Teeth ________

Coat - head _____ Body _____ Legs _____ Feet _______ Pigment __________

Movement ___________ Agility_______________