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About Testing Pups to match them with the best homes


When your breeder tests their puppy, you know they are doing their best to match each puppy with the most suitable home.

Even though pups change a lot as they grow up, they come "hard wired" to be more or less assertive, more or less dominant etc.

So, knowing what kind of puppy you have coming to you will help you to understand how to best help your Griffon live to its fullest potential.

For example, you would not train a "1" puppy the same way you would train a "5" puppy.... and having these identified before they leave the breeder is to everyone's advantage...

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

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About Temperament Tests

We use the Volhard Temperament Test

An example of our Evaluation Sheet 

A Temperament Test is a series of controlled situations, evaluation of the dog's reaction to each situation establishes a better understanding of a dog's interest, aptitude and personality.  This information can be used to better match the dog with an expectant family.  

The Temperament Test is only as good as the evaluator who does it.  A Temperament Test is most accurate when it is done in a location that the puppy has never been in, and by someone who has never met the puppies. In order to get the best results, this tester should be experienced in "reading canine behaviour" and in evaluating puppies.   

A Temperament Test can be considered a "snap shot" of a puppy on a particular day.  Normally, a Temperament Test is done when the puppy is between 7 and 8 weeks of age.   The information gained in a Temperament Test should be added to that information already obtained by observing each puppy develop from birth onwards.   Changes and differences can be noted. Puppies are very adaptable and their behaviour can be modified with thoughtful training.  The Temperament Test can give the breeder and the family information that will help with understanding the puppy, and with creating a training plan that will make the most of the puppy's natural aptitudes and that will strengthen the weak areas. 

In order to make the best comparisons, the test should be done under similar circumstances, in a similar environment, and at a similar time of day for each puppy in the litter.  On the day of the test, the puppies are fed about 2 hours before the test, then allowed to nap.  They are brought to the testing area after they wake up, and if it is a large litter, the test may be done in two parts to prevent the puppies from tiring while they wait or play, a tired puppy will not test well, and this will alter the scores. 

Notes about testing: Thinking about Temperament Testing your litter of Wirehaired Pointing Griffons?  Griffons typically test "young", and so this should be taken into consideration.  Also, warn your evaluator that the reaction to touch is very subtle, as Griffon puppies are stoic and do not react to pain like other breeds do.  As the Griffon is a pointing and retrieving dog, the retrieve is sometimes there, or sometimes the puppy will point the tossed crumpled paper ball.  








Some additional things we make note of when observing 
the traits important to each puppy in the field/water/forest

To evaluate the following, the puppy is observed in daily life, as 
well as on hikes or outings in the forest and through water.

  follow on hike      
  go to the front on hike  .  .
  whistle response    
  eye contact    
  hide and seek    
  floor play    
  bird wing pull    
  bumper roll    
  toy toss    
  pulled towel    
  tracking dead game   .  .
  retrieving dead game  .  .
  pop bottle roll    
  wind-up toy    
  clap hands    
  cap gun    
  cliff - going down    
  cliff - climbing  .  .
  follow across obstacle    
  in front across obstacle    
  enter water    
  traverse cover or brush    
  head and mouth    
  testicles  .  .
  tail set     
  feet   .  .
  coat  .  .
  agility  . .
  dog interactions    
  large animal interaction .. .
  car rides . .
  food interest    
. . .
  intelligence  .  .
  cooperativeness . .
  eagerness to please  .  .
  natural retrieve . .
  drive  . .
  desire  .  .






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