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Introduction to the Leash
Introduction to the Chain Gang
Setting behaviour - quartering and recall
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Stand, Down, Come (play training)
Ropes to Leash

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

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Training your Griffon

Most of the methods I have found effective for training my own Griffons are based on having a good relationship with the dog.

After that, look at the word "Training"... to me, just the word "Training" suggests that we have components (or boxcars) strung together in order to have a dog perform a certain behaviour, or group of behaviours.



Ropes - 7 weeks old
Here the pups are running along, your will notice ropes on some of them.
The rope has a non-slip knot and will be pulled on by playful littermates. This way
the pups learn to walk on a leash without having any pressure
from humans.  They stay happy about leading and they learn to 
give to pressure on the lead. 


Chain Gang - 16 weeks old 
This is where the pups first learn compliance.  They can fight
the chain all they want, but it "doesn't care"

The pups have pans of water available and are fed while on the chain.

When we walk up to the pup, they need to be 
standing upright and still before they 
are let off the chain.  Here is where we start to 
condition the response 
to Stand (whoa) 

Above are some of our Adult and Juvenile Griffons on 
the chain gang.  They are calm and accepting of the situation, 
the ones standing are telling me that they are ready to work.




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